Shoot the Cricket

Name: Shoot the Cricket

Members: Liesel Bognar, Jeje Bognar

Origin: Virginia

Label: Unsigned

Genre: Indie pop-rock

Contact: Rachel Ho —

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Age is but a number — 19 and 22 year old Jeje and Liesel Bognar, collectively known as Shoot the Cricket, are living proof of that statement. They may be young but their musical skills have reached a level so high that it can put some music veterans to shame.

Having discovered their knack for music at a young age, the sisters have been trained in musical theater, piano, guitar and of course, the voice. Born in Texas, Liesel & Jeje have lived all over the USA. They currently reside in the eastern state of Virginia, where they have performed in numerous venues and gained a fan following in their city of Fredericksburg and beyond. The sisters have also performed alongside acclaimed musicians such as American Idol season 7 semi-finalist Jason Castro and hip-hop star Aaron Carter. Utilizing social media to its fullest extent, the multi-instrumentalists have even gained fans outside of the United States via online platforms YouTube and Twitter!

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are the 21st century’s musicians’ best friends and Shoot the Cricket is definitely no exception. With just a keyboard and velvet-smooth voices, the pop-indie duo serenade their viewers on YouTube with unique renditions of their favorite songs and they have been commended for making their rendition of these songs sound better than the original version with their tasteful harmonizing and unique musical arrangements. Their talents have certainly not gone unnoticed, with former Click Five frontman Kyle Patrick praising their delectable vocals and instrumentation abilities.

The duo’s decision to pursue a career in music stemmed from their childhood days where they had allergies and health issues. “We couldn’t play outside and most kids didn’t even know we existed on the block. And when they did meet us we would always get the occasional ‘You’re weird’ or ‘Stop singing everything I say!’ Yes, we were the oddballs. We weren’t good at sports, not very good at fitting in with the other kids and on top of that, we were home-schooled so we spent a lot of time together!”

As you can probably tell from their videos on YouTube and their original songs, Shoot the Cricket is definitely not your quintessential pop band.

“Our songs are not your typical love songs or those about going out to party,” Liesel explains. “Each song has a unique storyline and purpose. Our songs are written to inspire people to do a certain thing or maybe even change something about themselves. I guess you could say our songs are like miniature novels or storybooks, each with a lesson to be learned.” Whether it’s a sad song lamenting the woes of the world, a happy song celebrating the beauty of life or an upbeat song extolling the wonders of soda, every song is a unique one that matches a certain feeling or experience that everyone has encountered in their lives.

Shoot The Cricket released their debut extended play (EP), Life Has Taught Me, on November 1, 2013. The EP comprises of five songs – “I Want You”, “Colossal Brain”, “Fine Line”, “S-O-D-A” and “Mr. Lonely” – which are the fruits of their hard work and dedication to their craft. With beautiful piano melodies and the sisters’ enchanting, mellifluous voices, there is no doubt that Shoot The Cricket’s Life Has Taught Me will strike a chord with music lovers of all ages, of all walks of life.

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