Shoot The Cricket Release Debut EP ‘Life Has Taught Me’



Album now available on iTunes stores worldwide

Richmond, VA, November 1, 2013 — Virginia-based indie duo Shoot The Cricket are thrilled to announce the release of their debut extended play album, Life Has Taught Me, available on iTunes worldwide from November 1, 2013.

Life Has Taught Me is a piano-driven alternative album created by talented sisters Jeje and Liesel Bognar, collectively known as Shoot The Cricket. Comprising of five finely-crafted tracks, Life Has Taught Me is the product of the fusion of different music genres, which meld perfectly to create a fine balance of alternative, pop and rock music.


  1. I Want You
  2. Colossal Brain
  3. Fine Line
  4. S-O-D-A
  5. Mr. Lonely

While Life Has Taught Me may be Shoot The Cricket’s first release, they are not new to the music scene. The duo have an extensive résumé which has seen them play in venues all over Virginia. The sisters have also performed alongside acclaimed musicians such as American Idol season 7 semi-finalist Jason Castro and hip-hop star Aaron Carter. Apart from their performance credits, the Bognar sisters have garnered a strong online following from posting their own unique renditions of popular songs on YouTube. Their covers have caught the attention of Kyle Patrick, former frontman of The Click Five, who praised their vocals as well as their musical skills.

“Our songs are not your typical love songs or those about going out to party,” Liesel explains. “Each song has a unique storyline and purpose. Our songs are written to inspire people to do a certain thing or maybe even change something about themselves. I guess you could say our songs are like miniature novels or storybooks, each with a lesson to be learned.” Whether it’s a sad song lamenting the woes of the world, a happy song celebrating the beauty of life or an upbeat song extolling the wonders of soda, every song is a unique one that matches a certain feeling or experience that everyone has encountered in their lives.

With beautiful piano melodies and the sisters’ enchanting, mellifluous voices, there is no doubt that Shoot The Cricket’s Life Has Taught Me will strike a chord with music lovers of all ages, of all walks of life.

Life Has Taught Me is now available at all iTunes stores.

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Meet Musichel PR’s first client: SHOOT THE CRICKET

Musichel PR is proud to announce its first client: SHOOT THE CRICKET!

Shoot the Cricket
From left: Jeje, Liesel

Shoot The Cricket is an indie duo based in the Old Dominion state of Virginia comprising of two sisters, Liesel Bognar and Jennifer ‘Jeje’ Bognar. The pair have been uploading covers of popular songs on Youtube and their knack for music, melodious voices and impeccable harmonising have earned them well-deserved attention on social media.

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We look forward to working with Liesel & Jeje!